How is a home inspection performed?

While inspecting the prospective property, Lugar Inspection compiles the on-site data into IPad Mini which contains a program that allows you a report that is the easiest report in the industry for you to read and interpret. At the conclusion of the inspection, you will be walked through the property by the inspector showing you exactly what is present in the property and receive a copy the same evening and most times at the end of the inspection (as opposed to a less descriptive narrative completed offsite).

What is the difference between a narrative and an itemized list with a written commentary?

A narrative is a typical “boiler plate” with a written explanation completed after the home inspection has been performed. It is usually a group of paragraphs, “plugged in” and written offsite. Frequently, it takes a full day to receive.

An itemized detailed list report is the Inspector’s actual findings of each area in detail, completed on-site during an inspection. The report also includes photo’s and specific written comments by the Inspector about the property and is emailed generally at the end of the inspection.

What is the cost of a home inspection?

We offer different prices based on the home/property square footage. For more information, contact our Scheduling Office for specifics at 310-798-2411.

When should I have a home inspection?

Most often, after an initial offer has been accepted and deposit is made on a property, a customer generally has a 5-10 day period to contact a professional Home Inspector.

Who arranges for the inspection?

The buyer has the obligation to arrange for the inspection. Please call Lugar Inspection Services to arrange an inspection at 310-798-2411.

How long does it take a home inspection to take?

For an on-site inspection and report, customized for your needs, the inspection typically takes 2 to 4 hours based on the size and complexity of the property.