"Words From Bill"

When I started reaching out to professional agents, peer inspectors, and clients for testimonials, I had no idea I’d be so touched by their feelings and words. It is not often in any career to receive completely honest feedback, so to have so many people recognize and speak very highly of the work I do for my clients makes me feel accomplished in my field as a Inspector and as a person that contributes to my community.

Many thanks to all who appreciate and continue to use my services.


In my years of experience in Real Estate, I have had the opportunity to encounter many professional physical inspectors (both on the listing and sale side). In the litigious world that we live in, I am extremely careful about who I recommend to my clients. I ONLY recommend Lugar Inspection Services. Bill is the most professional, knowledgeable and personable inspector I have ever met. His background in construction makes him uniquely qualified to assess whether issues are critical or minor and more importantly allows him to give practical advice on how to handle most items. My clients are always impressed by his inspection, the “color” emailed report and his serious but friendly advice. Bill is a fabulous resource for home buying clients as well as past clients who want or need information on anything relating the major systems of their home. Bill tells clients that he is their “inspector for life” and encourages them to feel free to contact him if something comes up (virtually unheard of in his industry).

Lauren Forbes
Forbes Professional Real Estate Services

I have used Bill Lugar as a trusted inspector for many years both as a buyer and as a referring Realtor. I always know what to expect with Bill — honesty, patience, professionalism, and a good thorough inspection that is worth every penny. Bill has saved more than one of my clients from making a bad purchase, but most importantly, he helps reinforce the value of the homes my clients purchase by putting things into the appropriate perspective. No home is perfect so it’s critical that a buyer has a solid understanding of which findings are substantial versus those that will be present in every other home. Another key strength of Bill’s is his follow through. He has an incredible memory for each home he inspects making him a valuable resource for as long as the buyer owns the home. I know because I’ve been that buyer a couple times and he’s always there to help.

Rob McGarry
Realtor – Licensed Broker
South Bay Brokers, Inc.

Recommending the right inspector is a critical part of any purchase process. As a broker, you want someone who is thorough enough to identify all of the issues big and small. Almost as important, you want an inspector with the confidence and experience to put those issues in their proper perspective for your clients. 

You don’t want big issues glossed over, or small issues blown out of proportion. Because of his extensive back ground in construction, I have always found Bill to be an extraordinary source of relevant data and analysis for my clients. When he comes across a big problem that needs to be dealt with, Bill’s straight forward, no nonsense approach is as practical as it is helpful in accessing solutions for the problem in question. His experience also allows him to speak confidently and candidly about small issues that less experienced inspectors might blow out of proportion because they are unsure and don’t want it to come back and bite them.
Getting an accurate read on the issues and the fixes is the goal of every home inspection and no one is better at providing that kind of data in my experience than Bill Lugar. Another unique quality is his commitment to the client after the inspection. He ends every inspection with the offer that if “you ever have a question about something in the report or something about the house, please do not hesitate to call”. That kind of expertise and commitment to his clients is why I can confidently recommend Bill Lugar to my clients.
Bryn Stroyke
Stroyke Properties Inc

Bill is a fantastic inspector – he knows what he is doing and goes the extra mile. My clients appreciate his attention to detail and that they can call him to ask questions even after they have moved in.
Lisa Kirshner
Teles Properties

This letter shall serve as my resounding endorsement of Bill Lugar Inspections. I have been a top five sales agent annually for many years in the beach cities, more specifically in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. Bill Lugar has been an instrumental part of our team, in providing thorough physical inspections in a timely fashion and presenting the findings in a calm, clear and practical manner that doesn’t scare my buyers or alarm the sellers. His knowledge and certification in environmental inspections is also very helpful to the process. Having been in residential real estate for 18 years I have weeded out the vendors who are unreliable and kept the ones who are honest and exceptional. Bill Lugar is both honest and exceptional.
Robb D. Stroyke
Stroyke Properties, Inc.

I’ve used Bill Lugar exclusively for near 10 years for my own personal purchases and all of my client’s purchases. Bill speaks clearly and frankly with prospective buyers of homes. He is neither an alarmist nor does he avoid a challenge if the case deserves it. He knows how to deal with issues even when they are very significant and can kill a deal. He is also there after closing to answer questions of my clients; even years later.
Barret Pulver
Realtor, Southbay Residential Real Estate

Bill is always my first choice when it comes to hiring a home inspector. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and an expert in his field. A consummate professional, I do not hesitate to recommend him to clients. He is readily available and flexible whenever called upon. He’s extremely thorough in his inspections from beginning to end. He will even give his personal cell phone number out to any nervous buyers he works with so he can make sure that they are educated about any issues with the house they are buying, whatever they may be. Buying a home is a very personal and emotional situation and Bill is skilled in being a non-alarmist and can easily make everyone comfortable. He is personable, friendly, outgoing, positive and that comes through in every inspection.
Mardell Wrensch
Broker, Stroyke Properties

I have worked with a referred Bill Lugar to my buyers since 2001. When I have bought properties myself, Bill is who I call. I cannot say enough good about Bill and his expertise when it comes to doing a thorough investigation of any property.

Bill has performed inspections on condos and huge homes, on commercial properties and on multi-famliy properties for my clients. I’ve never had a complaint. Bill sees things that others don’t. And, in the rare occasion (only once that I know of) he misses something, he is there to make everything right. (BTW: he missed something that NO ONE could have seen or predicted and he STILL made it right for the buyer!) As an agent, its great to know the inspector you refer has your back — and, as a buyer, its good to know the inspector you hire stands behind their work.

Bill is the kind of professional that my clients call years after they buy to ask questions about their homes and to get his insights about modifications they are considering AND to get referrals for tradesmen to do the work.

If you are buying a home, call Bill. If you represent someone who is buying a home, call Bill. You won’t regret it.
Anthony Hitt
Sotheby’s International Realty

I recommend Bill to all of my clients almost exclusively. He is first on my list for inspectors. Bill is thorough in his inspection and clearly communicates his findings to the client. I have used many inspectors and unlike others, Bill doesn’t tell “war stories” to the clients and is sensitive to the nerves that a Buyers has when buying a house.
He is straight forward and honest. I would recommend him to other Buyers and Realtors.
Heather Chamberlain
Re/Max Palos Verdes Realty

After working with several inspectors over the years, Bill Lugar has come to be my first choice. I have used Bill consistently for over ten years. He is not only incredibly responsive, thorough and knowledgeable but he has a unique ability to communicate his findings in a way that everyone can understand. Bill is a true professional. I couldn’t recommend an inspector more highly and with more confidence.
Best regards,
Carolyn Lyon


I’ve known Bill Lugar for over ten years. I consider him to be one of the top Home Inspectors in the field. He is the guy I go to for questions and input. I would recommend his services to any client.
Mike Bashforth
M B Inspections
San Pedro, CA

I have known Bill both personally and professionally for over ten years. His honesty and integrity is second to none and he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with others. He has succeeded in the inspection business for several reasons, his attention to detail and his ability to determine the condition of a property only comes from years of experience. The purchase of a home is one of the biggest investments that people make and that property should be inspected by a professional who can be trusted to give an unbiased opinion. I have no hesitation in recommending Bill to my family, friends and colleagues.
Neil Ray


Bill Lugar’s superior expertise along with extraordinary reliability and professionalism is unmatched. I have hired Bill on 3 occasions and each challenge was met with an accurate honest and thorough evaluation of the problem. Bill also provided solutions that prevented future complications and much greater expense. The best I have worked with.
Val M. Warhaft, M.D.| Chief Medical Officer

“As I first-time home buyer, I found the entire process overwhelming and full of pitfalls that could result in significant expense post-closing. In the midst of this environment, Bill Lugar provided a great deal of comfort as a trustworthy and extremely thorough advisor. In an industry full of self-interested, deceitful professionals just focused on the next deal, Bill truly stood out as the most professional, insightful and responsive person I worked with. I would recommend Bill without reservation to anyone.”
Alex Wolf

Bill is a rare breed, He makes you feel extremely comfortable. He is your exclusive agent, yet he helps you keep all the issues in a broader perspective … this perspective really helps the buyer maintain some objectivity , while achieving his goals and getting what he expects in their new home … great value …..Thanks.
John Huff
Huff International

I have been using Lugar Inspections for many years. I have found Bill to be honest, thorough and reasonable. He is always willing to spend extra time discussing any issues that arise in a calm and professional way. I appreciate the depth of his experience. I plan to continue to use Lugar Inspections and would highly recommend them.
Gary Swerniki